Multiple Teams · Boys Soccer Team Receives Exemplary Sportsmanship Report

The CHS Boys Soccer Team played Northridge on Tuesday, 9-13-16.  After the game, one of the contest officials filed the following Exemplary Sportsmanship Report with the IHSAA.

This was a highly competitive boys match.  No cards were warranted.  There was never a need to talk to the coaches or the players.  Both teams played the game with passion. They were focused and I believe the coaches on both sides have a lot to do with the positive outcome we had this evening.  I heard Coach Shawn McCuen yell out to a player ” I will put you in a yellow shirt and let you ref”.  I heard coach Baltazar preparing the players for the next move after a foul and encouraging them not to give up.  But best yet, I really appreciated the action of # 6 Nathan Blyly of Northridge who just played hard, was all over the field and even though he did not have a captains band, heard him tell his teammates “let him do his job”.  When a parent and I were exchanging words on the side line during substitution, he ran over to make sure the fan section was positive towards the officials and asked them to not talk to the officials and he looked at me and asked me “are we good?”.  It takes a lot of effort from the coaching staff and the coaches could not accomplish this type of atmosphere we saw tonight without the positive support from the administration. (Our crew) thought that this was the best game we were involved in this year. The coaches coached their players who in turn played their hearts out.  They allowed us to do our job and helped us officiate the game the best we could.  (We) want to thank both schools for their display of great sportsmanship and helping us as an officiating crew do our best.  We could not have done without your help.  Thanks 

We are extremely proud of the coaches and athletes from both teams for competing in such a high-stake, high-emotion contest yet still showing respect, class, and integrity.  Congratulations to all!