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Boys Varsity Golf · Boys Golf Sectional Information


HOST SCHOOL:       Northridge Community High School

PARTICIPATING SCHOOLS:  Bethany Christian, Bremen, Concord, Fairfield, Goshen, Jimtown, Lakeland, Northridge, NorthWood, Prairie Heights, West Noble, Westview

LOCATION:  Meadow Valley Golf Club, 57600 State Road 13 Middlebury, IN  574-825-3422

DATE:   Friday, June 1, 2018

TIME:  8:00 AM

 SNACKS AND BEVERAGES:  A snack bar is available in the clubhouse.  Coolers and food (teams and patrons included) are not to be brought on the premises.  These may remain on the school vehicle and articles retrieved and consumed from and at that location.

COACHING: A single, identifiable coach may not have significant conversation with players while the ball is in play. Comments must be limited to encouragement, congratulations, and information on the Rules. However, coaches may have conversation and give advice to their players while the ball is not in play (i.e. ‐‐ after the player holes out and prior to teeing off on the next hole) or the player will be penalized 2 strokes. Rule 8‐Advice in the Rules of Golf is in effect for all levels of IHSAA tournament golf series giving each team the authority to appoint one coach that may give advice to members of that team. In addition, Local Rule 33‐1/11.5 is in effect clarifying that during the stipulated round, the coach is a part of the competitor’s side and is not considered an outside agency.

SPECTATORS: Spectators and non‐participants may be permitted on the course during a tournament provided they do not have significant conversation with the participants and do not violate Rule 8 – Advice. Comments must be limited to encouragement and congratulations. Spectators should NOT give information on the Rules.  Spectator carts are $16 per cart


  1. Top 3 teams who post a team score plus. Ties for top 3 teams must be resolved in order to advance
  2. Top 3 low individuals, excluding those individuals who advance with a team. Ties for 3rd place must be played off in order to advance.

* Tiebreaker procedure can be found on page 36 of the 2017-18 IHSAA Spring Bulletin.