Multiple Teams · Nine Athletes Sign to Play College Athletics

Nine Concord High School athletes were recognized on Wednesday, May 30 for singing letters to continue their academic and athletic careers next year at the collegiate level.

From left are Garrett Roberts (IUPUI Swimming), Lavontae Wagner (Trine Football), Zech Garza (Trine Football), Camille Lozier (Trine Tennis), Jacob Yoder (Trine Football), Maya Klopfenstein (Calvin College Tennis), Ella Cunningham (Indiana Rowing), Maddisen Lantz (University of Indianapolis Swimming), and Brenden Boots (Adrian Baseball).

Brenden Boots

  • Son of Angie and Brandon Roell and Michael Boots
  • Was a trainer one year and played football and baseball four years
  • Going to Adrian College to play baseball

Ella Cunningham

  • Daughter of Tim and Stephana Cunningham
  • Participated in swimming one year, Track two years, and volleyball four years
  • Going to Indiana University for rowing

Zech Garza

  • Son of Suzanne and Laurence Corkins
  • Participated in track two years and football four years
  • Going to Trine to play football

Maya Klopfenstein

  • Daughter of Chad and Tracy Klopfenstein
  • Participated in BB one year. CC three years, BTE manager one year, and girls tennis four years.
  • Going to Calvin College to play Tennis

Maddisen Lantz

  • Daughter of Ron and Shannon Lantz
  • Participated in swimming four years
  • Going to University of Indianapolis for swimming

Camille Lozier

  • Daughter of Todd and Patti Lozier
  • Played Basketball two years, Boys Tennis Manager one year, Girls Tennis four years
  • Going to Trine to play Tennis

Garrett Roberts

  • Son of Jeff and Becca Roberts
  • Participated in track two years, cross country three years, swimming four years
  • Going to IUPUI for swimming

Lavontae Wagner

  • Son of Roshonda Wagner
  • Played Baseball two years, track two years, football four years
  • Going to Trine to play football

Jacob Yoder

  • Son of Tim and Kathy Yoder
  • Participated in football, basketball, and track all four years
  • Going to Trine University to play football