Northern Lakes Conference

Concord High School is a proud member of the Northern Lakes Conference since 1967.  Initially formed in 1963, the conference has operated with between six and eight members.  Today’s members are:

School Logo  Concord Minutemen

School Logo Image  Goshen RedHawks

School Logo  Mishawaka Cavemen

  Northridge Raiders

School Logo  NorthWood Panthers

School Logo  Plymouth Pilgrims

School Logo  Warsaw Tigers

School Logo  Wawasee Warriors

To read more about the history of the NLC, please click here.

To see the year-by-year membership of the NLC over the years, please click here.

To see conference final standings in each conference sport each year, please click here.  Upon opening the document, use the tabs at the bottom to navigate to the sport and year you wish to view.

Each year the Northern Lakes Conference recognizes an All Conference Team in each of the 19 NLC sports, as well as an All Conference Academic Team.  Lists of the All Conference Teams from previous years may be found below.

1986-1987     1987-1988     1988-1989     1989-1990     1990-1991

1991-1992     1992-1993     1993-1994     1994-1995     1995-1996

1996-1997     1997-1998     1998-1999     1999-2000     2000-2001

2001-2002     2002-2003     2003-2004     2004-2005     2005-2006

2006-2007     2007-2008     2008-2009     2009-2010     2010-2011

2011-2012     2012-2013     2013-2014     2014-2015     2015-2016

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