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2020 Boys Track Senior Spotlight – Roemello Moon

Son of:  Kathryn Palmer & Harold Moon Other School Activities:  Football Wrestling (3 years) & Track Favorite Subject:  PE or weightlifting Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr. Hertsel Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  Don’t ever give up if there’s someone better than me that’s in my spot. Just work harder to get where you want to be. Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  The limited

2020 Girls Track Senior Spotlight – Asia Madayag

Daughter of:  Lori Garcia & Michael Madayag Other School Activities: Track, Student Council, Choir, NHS Favorite Subject:  Anatomy Favorite CHS Teacher:  Jackie Foy Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  Discipline Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  Appreciate the little things we take for granted. Plans Next Year:  Major in Health Sciences BS on a Pre-Med track at IUPUI.

2020 Boys Golf Senior Spotlight – Paxton Starrett

Son of:  Mike Starrett and Mike and Jenna Reed Other School Activities: Basketball, Golf, Band, National Honor Society Favorite Subject:  Chemistry Favorite CHS Teacher: Mr. Martin Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  Time management. Lesson Learned From Quarantine: Adapt to change and make the most of it. Favorite Golf Memory: I hardly ever played golf before high school and I was able to

2020 Baseball Senior Spotlight – Logan Wittmer

Son of:  Allison Swinehart and Kelvin Wittmer Other School Activities:  Football and Baseball Favorite Subject:  Ceramics Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr. Bieber Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  Never give up, always get a positive out of something. Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  Never take anything for granted. Favorite Baseball Memory:  Knowing that weather we win or lose, I will always have fun with my

2020 Boys Track Senior Spotlight – Spencer Arnold

Son of:  Matt Arnold and Jennifer Arnold-Bacon Other School Activities: Football, Track, NHS, Potters Marathon Favorite Subject:  Weights Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr. CJ Shafer Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  You get what you deserve. Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  Lebron is better than Jordan. Best Track Memory:  Practicing with my teammates. Plans Next Year:  Play football at the University of Indianapolis

2020 Baseball Senior Spotlight – Carter Neveraski

Son of:  Brad Neveraski and Kim Drury Other School Activities:  Football 9-12, Basketball 9-11, Track and Field 9-10, Baseball 11-12 Favorite Subject:  Science Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mrs. Wirt Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  How to be a better teammate and how to be accountable. Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  I am really good at sleeping in till noon. Favorite Baseball Memory:  Laughing and

2020 Boys Track Senior Spotlight – Luke Owings

Son of:  Elizabeth Owings and Craig Owings Other School Activities:  Cross Country and Track Favorite Subject:  World History Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr.Lerch Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  Actions always speak louder than words. Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  Accountability isn’t just something others hold for you, but that you must take control of your life out of your own volition. Best

2020 Girls Track Senior Spotlight – Faith Carpenter

Daughter of:  Mike & Lori Carpenter and Bethany Lay Favorite Subject:  History Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr. Stutzman Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  Never lose sight of what is important to you even when it feels like all hope is lost. Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  Keep pushing through no matter what the challenge is.  Plans Next Year: 

2020 Boys Track Senior Spotlight – Deuce Jordan

Son of:  Kristen and Kendrick Jordan Other School Activities:  Football and Track Favorite Subject:  Weights Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr. McCuen or Coach Murphy Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  How to overcome obstacles and work hard for what I want. Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  Who my true friends and stuff are. Favorite Track Memory:  Probably hitting my PR (personal record) in high jump

2020 Boys Track Senior Spotlight – Abel Avila

Son of:  Martha Marrero Campero Favorite Subject:  Math and History Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr Ross Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  “The only way to prove you are a good sport is to lose.”   –Ernie Banks Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  I think that sometimes the biggest thing that you can do for yourself is nothing Favorite Track Memory:  When we competed on