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2020 Baseball Senior Spotlight – Carter Neveraski

Son of:  Brad Neveraski and Kim Drury Other School Activities:  Football 9-12, Basketball 9-11, Track and Field 9-10, Baseball 11-12 Favorite Subject:  Science Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mrs. Wirt Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  How to be a better teammate and how to be accountable. Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  I am really good at sleeping in till noon. Favorite Baseball Memory:  Laughing and

2020 Boys Track Senior Spotlight – Luke Owings

Son of:  Elizabeth Owings and Craig Owings Other School Activities:  Cross Country and Track Favorite Subject:  World History Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr.Lerch Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  Actions always speak louder than words. Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  Accountability isn’t just something others hold for you, but that you must take control of your life out of your own volition. Best

2020 Girls Track Senior Spotlight – Faith Carpenter

Daughter of:  Mike & Lori Carpenter and Bethany Lay Favorite Subject:  History Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr. Stutzman Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  Never lose sight of what is important to you even when it feels like all hope is lost. Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  Keep pushing through no matter what the challenge is.  Plans Next Year: 

2020 Boys Track Senior Spotlight – Deuce Jordan

Son of:  Kristen and Kendrick Jordan Other School Activities:  Football and Track Favorite Subject:  Weights Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr. McCuen or Coach Murphy Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  How to overcome obstacles and work hard for what I want. Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  Who my true friends and stuff are. Favorite Track Memory:  Probably hitting my PR (personal record) in high jump

2020 Boys Track Senior Spotlight – Abel Avila

Son of:  Martha Marrero Campero Favorite Subject:  Math and History Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr Ross Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  “The only way to prove you are a good sport is to lose.”   –Ernie Banks Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  I think that sometimes the biggest thing that you can do for yourself is nothing Favorite Track Memory:  When we competed on

2020 Boys Track Senior Spotlight – Ben Eichelberger

Son of:  Darlene and Troy Eichelberger Other School Activities:  National Honor Society and Track Favorite Subject:  Calculus Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr. Wharton Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  Hard work pays off Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  Since we have a lot of free time on our hands, we can do things that normally wouldn’t have been possible like working out everyday, learning

2020 Boys Track Senior Spotlight – Andres Mejia

Son of:  Mario and Adriana Mejia Other School Activities:  Cross Country, Track, Potters Marathon and NHS Favorite Subject:  Ceramics Favorite CHS Teacher:  Mr. Bieber Lesson Learned From Playing Sports:  Consistency is key. Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  Nothing can limit us from improving ourselves physically and mentally. Favorite Track Memory:  A bunch of teammates laying together in order to stay warm, then getting yelled

2020 Boys Golf Senior Spotlight – Jake Eakins

Son of: Carrie and Brandon Eakins Other School Activities: Football and NHS Favorite Subject: History Favorite CHS Teacher: Mrs. Wirt Lesson Learned From Playing Sports: If you work hard for something, you can achieve. Lesson Learned From Quarantine: I am not good at laying around all day. Best Golf Memory: Making All-Conference as a Sophomore. Plans Next Year: Going to Indiana University to

2020 Boys Track Senior Spotlight – Alec Eash

Son of:  Troy and Kathy Eash Favorite Subject:  English Favorite CHS Teacher: Mrs. Wirt and Mr. CJ Shafer Lesson Learned From Playing Sports: Mistakes should be used as a learning tool to become better Lesson Learned From Quarantine:  Check on my family more, call/ FaceTime grandparents to stay connected Best Track Memory:  Freshman year running 200 meter repeats until I

2020 Girls Track Senior Spotlight – Alyssa Pfeil

Daughter of: Brian and Pam Pfeil Other School Activities: Athletic training, Basketball, NHS, Orchestra Favorite Subject: Math Favorite CHS Teacher: Craig Shafer, Senior Lesson Learned From Playing Sports: Work hard and worry about yourself first, but make sure to connect and have fun with your teammates along the way is what makes all the difference! Lesson Learned From Quarantine: Never say you